"Lance has the unique ability to capture

an audience and keep their attention.

Lance is a positive role model for young men

and women of his community, motivating them to pursue their purpose."

Lance started as the protégé of his mentor, Johnnie Williams III (International Youth Speaker and older brother to J.Y.D, former Toronto Raptors NBA Player) in 2008 after​ completing a public speaking course at Humber College in 2007 

Born in Toronto, Canada to parents of Jamaican-Caribbean decent, Lance currently serves as an elder at Rhema Christian Ministries. He graduated from Humber College and obtained a diploma in Early Childhood Education in 2016. Lance is currently in the child care sector in Ontario. 

Since then, Lance went off speaking at schools, live events, conferences etc. on a word of mouth basis every month for the past 13 years. As a result, Lance became a vision carrier of Speakers University as he believes God gave him this vision in 2011 to create an internal platform for speakers through satellite workshop locations and to also improve linguistic delivery in public settings through public speaking skills & training. Lance was also inspired by the words of his mentor, "help children see the big picture" & "sell education."

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SPEAKERS UNIVERSITY is not an academic institution.

We do not offer diplomas or degrees.

We offer public speaking FREE workshops and The 9 Steps® advanced

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