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SPEAKERS UNIVERSITY is a vehicle to our original vision REPAIRER OF BROKEN WALLS in Isaiah 58:12 which is to ultimately HELP FAMILIES

We believe every speaker must be trained. 

We offer INTERNAL WORKSHOPS within but are not limited to Organizations & Institutions. 

We offer SPEAKERS UNIVERSITY FREE WORKSHOP & The 9 Steps® Module as the ADVANCED TRAINING  after each workshop.

We inspire LEADERS around the world to organize FREE WORKSHOPS. LEAD A WORKSHOP 



After a motivational speech in 2012, two students approached Lance Constantine and said, "We want to learn to do what you just did." ​And the rest was history. Lance invited his team to help conduct the first workshop at West Humber Collegiate Institute, a High School in Etobicoke (Toronto, Canada) that year, 2012The 9 Steps® Module was designed and created by Lance late 2011.

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2018, Lance is a successful grantee of ArtReach &

the Toronto Arts Council for his program which got approved for $9,963.00 in funding. 

"You will feel empowered. You will learn to be confident when you speak" (Prince, 2018 Alumni).


"They were amazing" (Network Reporter, CBC).

2020, Lance's program has been approved again

this time for $14,786.00 in funding from ArtReach & the Toronto Arts Council led by Camille Lauren.

"This is not an ordinary program. This program is about changing destinies! Through this program, your life will never be the same...this will be a point of reference in your life journey"

(Khalil, 2022).

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